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Roberto Vitelli & Ellesmere

Ellesmere is the brainchild of Roberto Vitelli
already known as the bass and guitar player with Taproban. Roberto is a talented and prolific composer: his multiform musical visions will be reflected in a series of releases that will have Ellesmere as their evocative trade mark.

The first project, that have seen the light in September 2015, is the 40 minutes acoustic suite “Les Chateaux de la Loire”, featuring the talents of John Hackett (Steve Hackett, JHBand) on flute, Luciano Regoli (RRR, Samadhi) vocals and paintings, Anthony Phillips (Genesis) narration, Daniele Pomo (RanestRane) drums and percussions.
Two bonus tracks on CD version.

In 2016 Ellesmere & Pericle Sponzilli (RAM) play the song “Sull’Orlo Dello Spago” (P. Sponzilli) , on the Colossus project “Decameron pt. III”, with Luciano Regoli (RRR, Samadhi), Fabio Liberatori (Stadio), Andy Bartolucci, Yorgos Pentzikis and M.D.G.

The second Ellesmere album “Ellesmere II – From Sea and Beyond” was out on November 2018 on the AMS RECORDS/BTF label on CD/LP format and Digital Download. The album is again the brainchild of the Italian multi instrumentalist Roberto Vitelli, who wrote the music and the lyrics of every song, as well as taking care of most of the bass and keyboards parts on the seven tracks that are part of the concept. This time to give life to his writing, Vitelli asked some outstanding musicians to join him on his journey: Robert Berry (3, Keith Emerson) on vocals; Trey Gunn (King Crimson, David Sylvian, UKZ, Security Project) at the Warr Guitar; David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator, Osanna) on saxophones; Alan Benjamin (Advent, Mirthrandir), Brett Kull (Echolyn), Davy O’List (The Nice, Roxy Music) and Keith More (Arena, John Wetton) on guitars; Marco Bernard (The Samurai of Prog) on bass; Daniele Pomo (RanestRane) on drums.

End 2020 the third one (Wyrd) is out. A fantastic power trio with Mattias Olsson (Änglagård) on drums and percussion plus other special guests such as David Cross (King Crimson) violins; John Hackett (Steve Hackett, JHBand) flute; Tony Paglica (Le Orme), Tomas Bodin (The Flower Kings) and Fabio Liberatori (Stadio, RAM) keys; David Jackson (VDGG, Osanna) saxes; Luciano Regoli (RRR, Samadhi) voice, etc.

Wyrd now in vinyl too!

On June 24, 2022, in double CD papersleeve edition, “Livesmere” is out! A double live album! Here the first two albums are played almost entirely, thus comparing the two main souls of the project: the pastoral, acoustic and folk and the rock one. Two unreleased songs, “Rain To Come” and “Nightfall”, enhance the whole, the latter further enhanced by the presence of John Hackett on flute (Steve Hackett, JHBand) flute and Fabio Liberatori on keys (Stadio, RAM).

Roberto Vitelli is a multi instrumentalist musician formerly known as bass & guitar player from Italian prog band Taproban and at the same time the founding member of/A.K.A. Ellesmere.

He has been involved in many musical projects, playing with great artists such as Anthony Phillips, John Hackett, David Jackson, Robert Berry, Davy O’List, Keith More, Alan Benjamin, Trey Gunn, Brett Kull, Mattias Olsson, Tomas Bodin, Marco Bernard, Kimmo Pörsti, Steve Unruh, Steve Hackett, David Cross, Oliver Wakeman, Bob Catley, Tony Clarkin, Bob Hodges,Tony Pagliuca, Bernardo Lanzetti, Antonio Marangolo, Luciano Regoli, Fabio Liberatori, Pericle Sponzilli, Daniele Pomo, Giacomo Anselmi etc. Roberto also performing with David O’List & “The Attack” in the famous HRH Prog Festival in North Wales.

Gear: Rickenbacker 4003 Jetglo & “Geddy Lee” Fender Jazz Bass, Gibson Gold Top, Eko Ranger 12 strings, Fender Stratocaster U.S.A., Takamine 6 strings classic, E-Bow, Moog Taurus I & III Bass Pedals Synthesizer, Trace Elliot & Marshall Amps, Effects (MXR: Phase 90, etc.).

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