Ellesmere is the brainchild of Roberto Vitelli, former bass & guitar player from Italian prog band Taproban. As opposite to the bombastic sound of the band, with Ellesmere Vitelli focuses on an acoustic and yet symphonic approach, delivering a stunning 40 minutes suite much in the style of early Genesis and Anthony Phillips works (ref. The Geese and the Ghost).

As the title suggests, every section of the suite is dedicated to one of the ancient French castles that reside along the Loire river. Several acoustic, classical and 12 strings arpeggiato guitar layers are topped with beautiful strings and flute melodies (John Hackett is guesting on most of the tracks) and an original vintage Mellotron provides further orchestration. Special guests also include Daniele Pomo from RanestRane on drums and percussion, and vocals master Luciano Regoli (Raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno, Samadhi) added multitrack vocal armonies on four songs. The icing on the cake is a very special and rare feature by Anthony Phillips himself as The Narrator.

The stunning cover artwork was especially created for the album by Luciano Regoli.

1.Le Narrateur 2.La Loire 3.Sully-sur-Loire 4.Passage 5.Meung-sur-Loire 6.Blois 7.La Loire (thème) 8.Chambord 9.Chaumont-sur-Loire 10.La Loire (encore) 11.Au Revoir... Bonus tracks: 12.The Ancient Samovar 13.Wintry Afternoon

Music, lyrics and arrangements by Roberto Vitelli
Produced by Roberto Vitelli and Paolo Carnelli

Roberto Vitelli: Takamine 6 strings classic, Eko Ranger 12 strings, Fender "Geddy Lee" jazz bass, Fender Stratocaster U.S.A., E-Bow, Moog Taurus III
John Hackett: flute
Anthony Phillips: narration
Daniele Pomo: drums and percussions (1-11)
Luciano Regoli: vocals
Giulia Nuti: violin and viola (3,5,9)
Pietro Horvath: cello (5)
Linda Giuntini: corno (3)
Fabio Bonuglia: Mellotron M 400 (1-12), Moog Model D and keyboards (3), strings pizzicato (12)
Paolo Carnelli: electric piano (3,6,11), keyboards (12/13), acoustic piano (13)
Danilo Mintrone: strings arrangement (9,13)
Dario Esposito: drums (12)

Recorded Jan 2014 / May 2015 at Gulliver Master, Studiosette, La Genesi Studio, Plastic Sun Studio, DM Studio, DE Home Studio
Flute recorded at Hacktrax, Sheffield UK. Engineer Duncan Parsons. Narration engineer James Collins. Mixed by Riccardo Romano at The Shell
Mastered at Reference Mastering by Fabrizio De Carolis

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